Prim at Heart

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Goodbye Fall Decor!

Well it is time to say so long to my fall decor. I honestly did not put as much up this year as I usually do...too busy I guess! I am gearing up for my Christmas decorations. From looking at all the other blogs it looks like everyone is anxious to get everything prim perfect for the holidays. My brother and his family will be visiting from Florida for the week of Thanksgiving and will be staying with my mom, just 5 minutes away. I am usually up to my ears in Christmas decorating at that time, so will try to put things up a little earlier this year so my house won't be such a wreck when they visit!! Here are a few pics I took of some of my fall decor.

My friend and I went to a few local prim shops over the weekend. It was so nice to get away with her for a few hours. We always have such a great time together. I will post pics of all my goodies from the trip in my next post! Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I'm Alive!!!

Well it has been WAY too long since I have posted anything....I am embarrassed to say that it has been since February!!I guess time just go away from me. At the beginning of spring I had a student teacher in my classroom and I was busy with that. Then summer came and WOW was I busy! First I went to Washington D.C. as a chaperone for a school trip. Then my husband and I had to give a presentation in Columbus, OH at the Ohio Leadership Advisory Council summit. Then the day after that our family took our first road trip out west for two weeks. We drove to Denver, CO and visited family. We loved seeing the Rockies. Next we drove to South Dakota and saw the Crazy Horse Memorial, Mt. Rushmore, and the Badlands. Next we drove to Chicago for a few days. I must say that it was the trip of a lifetime!! So many memories were made. I would do it again in a heartbeat! We had gone to Florida for so many years that we wanted to try something different. That was all in June. Then in July we took our annual family camping trip for two weeks. I wouldn't miss that for the world! The day after we returned from camping, football and soccer practice started. Then school started back, and now here I am! I have fought bronchitis for a few weeks and I am now busy planning my sons' 14th birthday party for next weekend. Then the weekend after that we go on another little "Halloween" camping trip for a long weekend. The whole campground dresses up, does a haunted trail, pumpkin carving contests,etc. Tweleve friends and their families will all have campsites as well. It is always a good time.
I have still been checking in on all of the blogs that I follow. I just haven't posted or commented in soooo long. Hopefully I can put some pics on here soon. I just didn't want you guys to forget about me!!

Hope everyone has a blessed week (is tomorrow Monday already? geesh!)

Friday, February 12, 2010

A Tiny Bit of Spring Fever!

OK, I love snow and we are expecting another snow storm towards the beginning of next week....but I have to admit that I do have a tiny bit of spring fever. We were off of school today so I did a little shopping. Here are my little goodies. Can you tell I'm ready to put out my spring decorations? I found these things at A.C. Moore. I was looking for some new greenery to tuck into a few baskets, but did not see any that I liked. However, I loved this wreath!!

I couldn't resist these bunnies. Too cute!

I also set out some spring "grass" that I bought last year.

I did stop by my local GW and found these goodies. They were just calling my name. The candle holders will all get painted black. The bunny plaque is begging to be repainted and stenciled or something. I also need an idea for how to cover the heart on the little bench. Anyone have a good way to do that? I guess I could hang a little piece of homespun or something over the top to cover it. It will be painted also. Hmmmm....

I also wanted to share something I love to do. I like to take prim greeting cards and frame them into pictures to set around my home. Here are a few pics of ones that I have done. The pineapple one is my favorite!

Well, tomorrow I am driving to Columbus to pick up a shelf that I ordered from The Olde Farmstead (I love that store!). I have been trying to get up there to pick it up for three weeks now and have been stopped by snow each time! Tomorrow is the day! I will post a pic of it soon!
Enjoy your weekend!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New items and little makeovers!

Wow! It has been so long since I have had the time to post anything. I check the blogs I am following, but haven't had time to post my own!! We have another snow day off from school today, so I have a few extra minutes! I decided to finally change my header picture! It is a picture of an arrangement on my living room table.

First of all I will show you a few items I bought at GW, a TS, and Big Lots. I found the geranium (my favorite for summer) for $1.79! The crock was $4.98, and the wooden pineapple was $1.98. The potted greenery was from Big Lots for $6.00. Not exactly a GW buy, but I loved it!

I tried my hand at my first little pillow tucks! I think they turned out cute, especially for my first try! I just used some felt that I had bought in the remnant bin at Wal-Mart. Then I just free handed everything. The bunny is like one that was in Create and Decorate magazine one time. I just hand sewed them since I do not own a sewing machine (might have to be a near future purchase!). Next I soaked them in coffee(not instant) and I like how the coffee grounds gave them a grungier look. They are actually darker in person. Then I stuffed them using some of my sons' old undershirts. I just love them! What do you think?

On to my little makeovers. Do you remember these GW finds? I repainted the skinny dough board and the flowered plaque. Here is the before....

And here is the after...

and here...

Do you remember this round cutting board? I know...yuck!

I repainted it also...much better!

Here was another one with birds on it....

It now looks like this...

I put them all together, with a couple more, on my kitchen counter for a new display. I like how they all look together. This picture is a little blurry...

For my last little makeover, I repainted this ugly flowered peg rack...

It turned out like this...I hung it in my half bath.

Here it is hanging...

Oh, I forgot. I did repaint an old picture frame that I had. I printed a pic of Lincoln from online, coffee stained it and put it on my desk. By the way, the desk was given to me by my mom. It was in our house growing up and she couldn't use it anymore...lucky me!)I think he looks right at home here!

Here it is finished...

Well, I hope you enjoyed my pictures today. I have some more new goodies that I found at a favorite prim shop. But I will wait until next time for that!

Enjoy the rest of this snowy day!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

GW/Consignment Goodies and Some Questions

Hello everyone! I haven't had much time to post lately. Our snow days have all past and I'm back to work, and back to reality!! However, I have found time to stop by my local GW store. Here are some of the goodies that I found. I'm not sure what in the world I am going to do with the wood boxes with lids, but I'm sure I will think of something. We are Ohio State fans at my house, but those will definitely have to get a makeover!! I just love the tiny wood-framed mirror. I was going to paint it but decided to keep it the original wood stain. The little peg rack will find a home somewhere after it is primmed up a bit. The shelf really needs some TLC also. I will post pics after I get them finished...who knows when that will be!

Here is another GW find, the little black tin candle holder (that is what I am going to use it for), and I bought the star ornaments for around 30 cents on clearance at a local store. I think they will be cute painted for next Christmas.

Ok here are the items that I am really excited about. My friend and I took our sons to the YMCA for their indoor soccer practice last Saturday. We had two hours to kill. Right next to the Y is a consignment funiture/housewares shop that I never knew was there! Look at the treasures I found. The prices weren't quite as good as GW, but still worth grabbing. The hogscraper candle holder was $4.98, the basket was a whopping .98 cents! The wood box, which is by far my favorite item, was just $4.98 also!! And the bread board was $2.00. So in all I paid like $13!!!!

Now to my questions. Would you paint the box or keep it the original wood color? I am going back and forth with it. Also, I want to paint and grunge/prim up the basket. Has anyone ever done that? I'm sure many of you have. Would I just spray paint a basecoat of black and then spray/brush a topcoat on?? Any suggestions will be appreciated!! I look forward to reading your comments.

Oh, I also visited one of my favorite prim/colonial stores the other day. I'll post my goodies as soon as I take some pics.

Now I'm off to tackle some cleaning. My husband is hunting and my sons are at All-County Band tryouts so I have a little "me" time this morning. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend!