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Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Header Question

I just put up a new header...but for some reason my blog title will not show up!! I clicked the option that puts the picture behind the title...but it keeps my picture really small, I even tried putting back my old header pic and it did the same thing! So finally I opted to put the pic on with the description after the pic (which I don't even have a description!) and it still takes off my title...argh!! Anyone know what I am doing wrong? Ultimately I would like the pic the size it is now...but with my title over top of it!!!


  1. Stacey, I'm having the same issues right now. My header space is huge too. My picture is much smaller than before and I didn't do anything different. I am befuddled. I did email another blogger. I'm afraid for people to look at mine right now.

  2. I think your are doing everything right. I've found lately that some elements of my blog aren't working they way they should. I ended up making my own header so I wouldn't have to deal with this problem. I hope it's just a kink that will go away on it's own, and soon.

  3. Sorry girl, wish I could help you. I hope it's just a blogger glitch that will be fixed soon.

    Have a delightful week~

  4. Hi...I just did the same thing you are trying to do. Here's the steps:
    Click on design, You may can access it from the blog or you may access it from dashboard
    Go to header click edit
    Configure header should come up
    fill in blog title
    fill in blog description
    upload image or it can already be there - click remove to add another picture
    Under Placement choose behind title and description
    Click SAVE

    If you want your picture a different size you will have to play around with it...I had to resize my picture in photo imaging before saving it to the header on my blog.

    Hope this works....let me know if it does
    Questions? please email me

    Have a great holiday weekend,

  5. Hi, Stacy ~ thanks for stopping by my blog with the warm words~ the light came from, they are made in Ohio Pretty tinware~ great craftsmanship~


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