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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blog Question!!

Ok, this is a stupid question I am sure, but here it is.....How do I get the blogs that I follow to show up on the side of my blog for others to see? Everyone else has this feature on their I forgetting to do something?? Please help!!


  1. No question is stupid :)
    Go to and log into your account. Then got to "layout" on your blog account. Go to the "Add Gadget" feature on the side, and "add Followers" is the very first one. Just add it then save the settings. Hope that helps.

  2. OOps, so that was "stupid" of me, lol, preggo brain. You already have the followers, you just want the blogs you follow! Well, go to the same place, but then go to the gadget "link List", it will let you put in the blogs you follow there and the order you want them to appear(newest post, alphabetical, etc).


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