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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone! My new year is starting off great! I have a snow day off of school today!!

I just wanted everyone to know how happy I am to have found this blogging community...I never knew it existed! One day I am going to sit down and read everyone's entire blog- when I have time! I love reading and looking at older posts as well as current ones. It is like a good magazine that I keep to browse through from time to time!

Now, I wanted to post some pics of the gift my mom got me for Christmas. I hung it in my bedroom. I think it looks so warm and cozy!

Hope everyone stays warm!


  1. Oops! I meant for the last two pics to show up first! The first two are just to show a close up! My mom bought me the coverlet on the left and I ordered the one on the right. The bottom fabric is just some remnants that I bought.


  2. Love your coverlet Stacy! What a wonderful mother you have! It's great when they know what you like! Have a great day off from school!

  3. Love the textiles, Stacy! Very prim. That was very sweet of your Mom. Mom's are the best.


  4. What a wonderful mom to give you what you like, I know you will treasure it forever:)

    I love your lamp too, everything is very nicely done.

    Have a great snow day!


  5. Stacy how beautiful...what a wonderful mom...I love it all.

  6. very beautiful! thank you for sharing - I enjoy your blog very much!

  7. I love the rack and beautiful textiles.It looks sharp.
    Infact I think your blogs new look is pretty sharp too!!

  8. I agree with everything you said about the primitive blogging community. I am new to it as well and I love how it is full of warm and wonderful people! Yes, it is like a good magazine only better. I find myself getting lost in new and old posts alike!

    The coverlet is beautiful! The whole arrangement is beautiful!

  9. How pretty! I would love to get a coverlet! I love how you have them displayed and that candle and holder is great!

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog Stacy. I just found your comment in my junk mail. Grrrrr... Anyway thank you for your kind comment about my bowls. I have one more to go to redo.

    I just looked at your Christmas pictures how beautiful!!!! And I too love coverlets. Wish my Mom would buy me something like that. LOL


    P.S. It's nice to see another Ohio gal!!!!

  11. Hello Stacy,
    Love your new goodies you got for Christmas. :) I tried to email you back about the items you are interested in from my summer sale. It keeps saying your inbox is too full.Once you are able to receive emails again, just let me know.



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