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Monday, November 16, 2009

I hope everyone is having a great Monday! I have gone on several little shopping trips the past few weekends and found some really great prims. Here are some pictures of my purchases...

This is a cute little plate that I put on the table at the top of my stairs.

This is a towel rack that I bought for my upstairs bathroom.

Here is a neat little candle hanging that I bought at my favorite primitive store...

This is a little placemat I put in my bedroom on top of my chest. I love the print...

Here are a couple of plates that I thought were really cute...

I absolutely love this table square. I'm trying to "prim-up" my living room. Not sure if it will stay here or not, I have several places in mind. Does it clash too much with the print on the couch?

Love this simple black plate. I think I am going to put it on top of my wall-unit in my family room

I am in love with this sign....just not sure where it is going to go yet!

Ok, here is my bargain of the month...I bought this wool rug for $5 on clearance!! Wow! I was excited!

I'm not sure how to rotate this picture...sorry!

Well, I'll save the other pictures for my next post!! Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my goodies


  1. Love it all...but that rug is awesome! Lucky you to have found that deal!

  2. Great new prims! I love the table square and no I don't think it will clash too much with your couch :-)Have a great night!

  3. Hi StacY! Welcome to blogland! You have some neat prims going there. I think the coverlet piece goes okay with you couch. If you decide otherwise, I love it! I really like the towel holder for your bathroom. Just right. Nice rug too, killer price! I hope to dive into this (starting a blog) soon myself, and am sure I will have the same start out struggles. You did great! Jayne

  4. You got yourself some really nice prim pieces to go with your decorating. I love everything, especially the coverlets. All so nice and what a great deal on the hooked rug :)

  5. Welcome to blogland :)
    Everything looks wonderful...I love the wool rug.

  6. Oh shoot! I meant to say I LOVE those pineapple plates too ;)

  7. Stacy, welcome to the blogging world. It is so nice to see new folks now enjoying the prim world. Love all the new treasures that you found including all the new mats and throws. The bargain of the year...the rug at only $5.00...I hope you have a wonderful time checking out everyone's blog. Have a great week. Sherie

  8. It's always so good to find new blogs and you have certainly started well! Love all your new finds! Prims are just so homely and cozy!
    Looking forward to reading more of your posts,
    Best wishes

  9. Stacy, Welcome to the blog land. everything looks nice in your home. Nice findings!. To rotate your picture, select the picture, make a right click, it opens a window and select rotate clockwise. Then open the picture and upload it. Good luck!

  10. Just picked up your blog from Janae!
    I am hooked!
    Welcome to the land of Blog!
    I am taking a while off from blogging...but I would love for you to stop on over for a visit. I think we have a lot in common...besides both of us being from Ohio.
    Have a great week!

  11. Welcome to the land of blog :) Love everything you have....your finds are awesome! Stop on over and meeting new friends!


  12. Good Morning Stacy - I just found your blog through CozyCoopsCorner and I'm glad I did.
    I'm going to add you to my list and become one of your followers.
    I love how you decorate and your new treasures. I don't think the table square clashes...that's the beauty of Prim - you can pretty much do what you want and it looks wonderful.

  13. Found you from Janae's blog, what great prims you bought and what a bargain the rug was! I became a follower too:)

  14. Great finds! Love that rug, what a steal!!

  15. I also found you from Janae's blog and became a follower. I love all your finds! Can't wait to see more.


  16. $5 wool rug?!? That is awesome! I need to go shopping with you! But that wouldn't be good... we would be fighting over the same pieces. Haha! Love your prims!


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